The Sports Gnome

The Sports Gnome is your emporium for fantasy football and basketball gaming. You can play in different types of leagues that fit your lifestyle and preferences. Take a look at what football and basketball fantasy winnings you can garner, and make sure that you are reading up on the latest fantasy news. When you begin building your team, The Sports Gnome has all the football and basketball information you need.

Game #1: Play Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a popular game that involves every player in the NFL. When you visit the Sports Gnome, you need information on each player that you have, want or need to trade for. There are Hot, Not and Trade Em lists for you to review when you visit the site.

You can read all the statistics for the players in the league, and you can find lists of players that you can trade for right now. The players that look to be the hottest in the league in 2014 include:

You can look up stats on all these players, and you can send in your fantasy questions to be answered for that week. Your fantasy answers will be featured on the website. As you look for your own answers, you will find answers to other questions that will help you win your league.

Game #2: Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball is a less common game for people to play, but the game is still one that can win you some money. Fantasy basketball statistics are different than fantasy football, and The Sports Gnome offers a compendium of information about the sport for your reference.

When you begin building a team, there is a stat line for every player in the NBA. You can look over the stats, and you can choose from the greatest players in the game including:

Each of these players could anchor a fantasy team, and you can find players on the Hot, Not and Trade Em lists to accompany them. When you have questions about a player's performance or how the fantasy gods think their season will go, you can send in your questions just as you would on football.

The Sports Gnome is the one source you need for fantasy sports gaming and league construction. You need the stats that tell you which players are worth drafting, but you also need the extra information that helps you win your league. Send in your questions, check out the Hot, Not and Trade Em lists and make sure that you are checking in daily for new information at The Sports Gnome.